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Some products make you sound better... RangTM loopers make you play better.
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    Boomerang® Side Car™ Controller
 Manual (pdf) 

The Side Car™ controller is a companion pedal for the Rang™ III that greatly expands the player´s control over the III. While the 
Rang™ III looper was very well received, we heard one request fairly often: I want access to all the cool functions without 
reprogramming Bonus buttons. We listened and the Side Car™ controller is the solution.

Full retail is $299, but your local dealer will do better than that!

        SC front

        SC rear

        SC rear

*Features *
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•  3 dedicated foot buttons: Stack, Play-Stop All & Erase/Erase All.
•  2 more programmable Bonus buttons.
•  Stack button can operate in "latching" or "momentary" modes.
•  Allows foot button control of Thru Mute, Play Style select and the Panic function.
•  MIDI cable included.
•  Power splitter cable included - allows the Side Car™ controller to share the III's 1000mA power supply.
•  Rugged 9" x 6" x 2" steel chassis.

NOTE — Your Rang™ III must be running software Version 2.1 or higher for it to recognize commands from the Side Car™ controller. 
This software is free of charge and comes in the form of a MIDI file. See the Rang™ III web page for details.