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Some products make you sound better... RangTM loopers make you play better.
Made in Texas, USA

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After 19 years of receiving much appreciated comments about our products, we decided to start a customer's comments page.
Comments will be continuously updated, so check back from time to time to see what other players are saying about our pedals.

•  I'm usually a big TC fan boy, but the Ditto 4 looks like TC has just now figured out how to do what Boomerang figured out back in 2009.
I love your stuff, TC, but a lot of these features look extremely similar to the Boomerang III. Serial/Sync (that's exactly what Boomerang 
calls it), independent loops, master loop quantization of subsequent loops, stack decay rate, stereo I/O, and quantizing loops to external 
MIDI clock are all Boomerang III features.
  You added features that some players may like (loop FX, USB importing/exporting of audio, and MIDI CC control), but mostly this looper 
behaves like a Boomerang III with 2 loops instead of 4.
  No doubt the best feature of the Ditto 4 is price. At $249 vs the Boomerang III at $479, I'm sure you'll sell a million units to people that are 
just getting into looping, but at it's core, I see this as a stripped down version of the Boomerang III which (IMHO) is still the reigning king 
of hardware loopers.

•  I just bought your Boomerang III looper. I have been using different loopers for the last 10 years, and this is the BEST LOOPER anyone 
can buy. It syncs up perfectly with my BEAT BUDDY, it's easy to use, it does not change the sound of my guitar and loops seamlessly. And it's 
made in the USA. GREAT JOB.

•  Running V3.3 software, I have used the Rang live in midi sync quite a lot and it works perfectly. It is by far the best of the looping 
machines I have tried; the versatility and usefulness of the functions suit my needs. Also the sound feels real, unlike many other loopers 
that seem to add or take away something.

•  I've been looping for years now. [He tried almost every other looper on the market.] I FINALLY picked up your Boomerang III. Best 
investment I've ever made in a pedal! It does everything I need in a looper, and it sounds impeccable! Seems like it was intuitively designed 
by someone who actually loops.

•  I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how pleased I am with my rang 3. This is an amazing tool that has made me an 
immeasurably better guitar player. My rang and my beat buddy have turned me into a one man band that has me considering playing out 
for the first time in over 25 years. You guys rock! Thank you!

•  Hello, just wanted to say that you folks make an exceptional looper! I have gone through a lot of pedals and just recently purchased yours.
I was not let down!

•  I keep telling my brother that the Rang 3 is one of the (if not the) most clever put together pedal I have ever come across. I have just 
scratched the surface of what it can do! I guess the reason some people don't get how good it is, is because it's not something you can read 
about or even watch a video and then understand. You simply have to use it to understand how good it really is! I'm definitely getting the 
Sidecar Pedal later this year. Thanks for making this great loop pedal; it really makes me a better musician.

•  I got the answer... exactly what I had hoped for & now I am even happier! [I explained how to play a loop in reverse the first time it 
plays.] The Rang continues to amaze. I did install the latest firmware for MIDI sync and it works flawlessly with whatever DAW, synth, or 
whatever I'm playing with that sends tempo info. Works great!!! I am sure you know what companies are trying to pass off as loopers these 
days. Built in drum beats - I hate that, clunky/difficult pedals, 16 effects per loop, blah, blah, blah.... ALL JUNK!
The Boomerang III is a masterpiece.

•  I will tell every musician I know and meet that the Rang III is friggin' amazing! The only thing better is the customer support that comes 
with it. Thanks for the response!!

•  I wanted to thank you again because the 'Rang III has literally changed my life. It has made me so much more creative and has allowed 
me to successfully play solo shows in front of crowds as small as 10 people and as large as 250,000 people (2014 Taste of Soul LA). I was 
discovered and actually held the attention of multi grammy winners and some of the most successful touring musicians in LA because of my 
ability to quickly create full backing tracks live and on the fly. Again, thank you for helping a small time musician in Hawaii out with such 
an incredible product. In fact, if it ever broke, I'd buy it again and again, but it's seriously built like a tank! I've taken it all around the world 
and it still holds up like the day it came in the mail.  
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• The 'Rang 3 is <insert expletive of your choice> brilliant. Nice work!! Thanks for the best looper I've found yet. Been driving the 'Rang and 'Rang Plus for years. (Nice to have as a back-up unit now). I've also bought or tried just about every other looping hardware available, at great expense and wasted time, and nothing comes close. • I bought the III two years ago from Amazon and have been using it with a dual amp setup. The unit has changed for the better the way I play, write, and practice. It is also my goto for hours of sonic entertainment. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for making the worlds best looper. I can honestly say that because I have owned and used the others... all were sold long ago cause the III is superior in every way! • I read the manual before my Rang III arrived. Almost immediately I was getting smooth organic loops. My old RC-20XL is a joke by comparison. You have no idea what tunes you just unleashed. • I have owned an RC-20 and an RC-50; so far the Boomerang III kills them both. • I absolutely love both of my Boomerang pedals. The phrase sampler is vastly superior to the Boss RC-20XL, which I've used for two years. They have both exceeded my already high expectations. [He also owns a Rang™ Chorus*Delay.] I'm thinking about getting the Wholly Roller next. • You are seriously producing the most flexible looper out there. You've now nailed all the features that any looping artist could possibly need. Syncing to an external source, syncing two Rangs WITHOUT MIDI Clock, and the easiest functionality out there. I wish you all the success in the world and hope I can somehow help promote your fine product through my music. You deserve it! • Only looper worth talking about. Best, most useful pedal I own. If someone said you can take your amp and guitar with one pedal to a show… no questions asked, Rang 3. • My Boomerang III and Side Car inspire me to play. You can't do better than that. • I've been using the Rang III and Side Car five nights a week out here in Hawaii and have done a West Coast tour as well as a couple of shows on Guam with it. It is AMAZING and I can't thank you enough for coming up with such a magical product. At almost every show people ask to look at my rig and have countless questions on how I'm able to build an entire song on the fly by myself. I've already sold some people on the III and have begun to see them in use out here... lot of Boss converts. • Hands down. Best looper on the market! Would be nice to have the ability to store, but as far as sound and function, nothing touches it! I have tried them all! Boss, Jamman, Pigtronix, even that Ditto thing which really sucks! Yours sounds the best! Love it! • I am having so much fun with this creation! I originally bought a boss rc-30...and quickly found that it was the worst looper ever produced. You guys really nailed it with the Rang! This is a musician's looper, not a technician's. • (After upgrading his III to Version 3.0 software) I am now running drum programs on my iPad and sending Midi through iRig Midi by IK to the Rang. Amazing! Your product trumps everything else out there. It turns me into a one-man band and continues to land me paid gigs. Thank you for building something that makes sense and works well.
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• Thanks for the telephone help today. This new boomerang kicks butt... addictive, intuitive, and creatively stimulating. It's so much better and more flexible than any other products out there. • [This is from an Italian artist.] Here I am writing after my last tour through freezy Russia. The tour was mainly my vocal solo and some collaboration with big band and quartet. Well, I've performed 15 concerts mainly in theathers and some clubs. What's my impression after changing from a Boss RC300 to a Boomerang III? I LOVE THE BOOMERANG!!! Man, you've done such a GREAT job with it. The sound is AMAZING and the use of it is simply FANTASTIC!!! The Boomerang is now something I can't live without. • This is the most fun looper I have ever used and I've owned most of what has been available! I had (still have) 4 Echoplexes set up via brother sync and 3 AB boxes that sort of did what the Boomerang III does, but not really and not easily either! Lately been using the RC-50 and not liking it but dealing with it. The boomerang III and Side Car is the bee's knees! Now I can sell all the others. • I have a Boomerang III and am incredibly satisfied with it. There is no hiss or hum from it. I'm sure people have mentioned "tone loss" in regards to other loopers, but the Boomerang has flawless sound quality. I play through one OD pedal and nothing else so any sort of sound degradation would be easy to notice and pinpoint. I literally can not tell the difference between pedals plugged in or not plugged in. Impeccable sound. I play expensive gear so there is a lot of "tone" to go around and it's still all there. • Here's a story I think you'll like. Last year I was doing a gig under an outdoor tent and the weather turned. We all headed inside and the rain beat down on all my gear. After the storm cleared, I picked up my Boomerang and water POURED out of it. I took it home, took it apart and used paper towels and a hair dryer to dry it out. The next day, it fired up with no ill effects! Sweet. - R. Yeargain • I've owned almost every looper on the market and I'm glad to say that your product is soooo much better in countless ways (too many to mention). I've been a huge fan since I unboxed it. All of my other loopers will be going on eBay. Thanks. • This E-155 Chorus*Delay pedal is a real sleeper out here. I wish (for your sake), more people would pick up on how good this pedal is. I replaced my Boss chorus and Boss delay with the E-155, and am more than satisfied. Not to mention, the reverse delay is, maybe, the best I have ever heard. • Hello geniuses... I recently - finally - acquired a Rang III. As one of those people who's owned just about every looping "solution" in the past 10 years (Electroharmonix pedals, Electrix Repeater, Boss RC-20 and RC-50, Digitech Jamman, etc.), it's helpful that someone finally got it right. Hats off to you all. • My email subject (love my new 'rang) makes it sound like I just got engaged or something... Seriously, I wanted to tell you that I got a new Rang III after having been a Rang + user for years and I couldn't be happier with it. The improved sound quality, longer memory, and flexibility of three (or more) separate loops is wonderful and just what I needed. I really find the Fade feature very useful, and the Rang III is an awesome practice tool. • I bought a Boss looper from Ludlow Guitars and found its sound unusable. I took it back and they, without hesitation or argument, offered the Boomerang III as an option. I absolutely love the vibe and aura of it. The samples sound gorgeous. It's a "real deal" kinda thing. Right on! • The Boomerang III is fantastic. It's more expensive than some of the other loopers, but for playing live it's amazing. the Sound quality is outstanding, which cannot be understated. I use it in stereo with multiple amps. Having a Boomerang has improved my practice time immensely. • After searching, I ended up buying a Rang III, and boy was it a great decision. The functionality, quality and ease of use are outstanding. Finally a pedal that makes since. Thank you! I'm very glad I committed to it; its versatility is unmatched & it's now a permanent part of my rig.

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